On the Radar with Robert England

An In-Depth Weekly Breakdown of the Mediabase Active Rock Chart

February 24, 2020

I look forward to seeing many of you at #HAPPENS. Check out the goings-on this week at the #HAPPENS Facebook page. Start hydrating ahead of time… Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


Reclaiming the #1^ spot this week is Five Finger Death Punch "Inside Out." Moving up a notch to #3^ is Volbeat "Die to Live f/Neil Fallon," up 127 spins. #4^ is I Prevail "Hurricane," up 39 spins. #5^ is The Hu "Yuve Yuve Yu f/From Ashes to New."  


Moving a notch to #6^ is Fire From the Gods "Right Now," up 73 spins. New airplay at WQXA and KOMP. New add at press time, WFTK. Moving from #9 to #7^ is Dirty Honey "Rolling 7s." The track is up 116 spins. Moving a notch to #9^ is Breaking Benjamin Far Away f/Scooter Ward." The track is up 82 spins.  


Moving from #12 to #10^ is Green Day "Oh Yeah!" The track is up 115 spins. New airplay at KATT. Moving from #13 to #11^ is Disturbed "Hold On To The Memories," up 35 spins. New add at press time is KMOD. #12 is Crobot "Lowlife." This is WNOR's Hummer Track of the week. Jumping from #16 to #13^ is Blue Stones "Shakin' Off The Rust," up 42 spins. New airplay at KATT, KILO, and KOMP. New add at press time, KISW. Music Choice moves to record to power rotation. There's a good building story here, so make sure it's in your music meeting this week. Moving from #17 to #14^ is Rival Sons "Shooting Star," up 27 spins. New airplay at WJRR, KILO, WTPT, and KAZR. New add at press time, WYBB.  


Moving from #19 to #15^ is Falling In Reverse "Popular Monster," up 112 spins. New airplay at WMGM, WRXR, KLAQ, WEBN, KOMP, KICT, and WHQG. New adds at press time, WGRD, and WIXO. Moving from #18 to #16^ is Tool "Pneuma," up 26 spins. New airplay at WJRR, WDHA, and WMGM. Leaping from #26 to #19^ is Grey Daze "Sickness," up 164 spins. New adds at press time, KMOD, WKQZ, and WXTB.  


#20^ is Slipknot "Nero Forte." Moving from #24 to #21^ is Godsmack "Unforgettable," up 105 spins. New airplay at WFXH, WTPT, WJRR, and KDOT. New add at press time, KATT. #23^ is Bring Me The Horizon "Ludens." Moving a notch to #24^ is The Glorious Sons "Closer To The Sky." The track is up 32 spins. New adds at press time, WGRD, and WIXO.  


Moving from #29 to #25^ is Korn "Can You Hear Me," up 118 spins. New airplay at WNOR, KNCN, WBSX, WXNX, WFXH, WRKZ, WMGM, WYBB, KLAQ, and WWBN. New adds at press time, KMOD, and WBSX. #26^ is Royal Bliss "Paranoid." I'm looking forward to seeing the band again at this year's #happens. New airplay at WFTK. Moving a notch to #27^ is The Black Keys "Shine A Little Light," up 37 spins. Debuting at #28^ is Pearl Jam "Superblood Wolfmoon." The track is up a massive 296 spins. New adds at press time, KATT, KXXR, WBSX, WFXH, WKQZ, WKRL, WRZK, and WYBB. Moving a notch to #29^ is Motionless In White "Another Life." New airplay at WQXA, WRKZ, KDJE, and WJRR.  


Jumping from #32 to #30^ is Alter Bridge "Godspeed." Spin leaders include KHTQ, Music Choice, WRTT, KDOT, and WDHA. Moving from #34 to #31^ is In This Moment "The In-Between," up 28 spins. New airplay at KOMP, KDJE, and KMOD. The streams and video views on this are among the highest on the chart. This should be in your music meeting this week. #32 is The Black Moods "Whatcha Got." Spin leaders include KHTQ, WHXR, KQRA, WIIL, KRXQ, WJJO, and KILO. Moving from #36 to #34^ is Evanescence "The Chain (from Gear 5)."


Debuting at #35^ is Ozzy Osbourne "Ordinary Man f/Elton John," up 114 spins. Jumping from #38 to #36^ is Kaleo "Break My Baby," up 36 spins. New airplay at WRXR. New add at press time, WFTK. #38^ is A Day To Remember "Resentment," up 22 spins. New airplay at WKRL, WRTT, WRKZ, and WZBH. #39^ is Veio "Flare Of Defiance." Debuting at #40^ is Used "Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton." The track is up 70 spins. New airplay at WRTT, WXQR, WHXR, WFXH, KIOZ, and WRZK. This is an incredible return for the band who is selling out venues in 48 hours or less and is currently on the cover of Spotify's 'Rock Hard' playlist. If you're not already considering this track, you should take a closer look. 


Waiting In The Wings: #42^ White Reaper "Might Be Right." #43^ Through Fire "Listen To Your Heart," up 21 spins. New airplay at KHTQ and KFMA. #44^ is Palaye Royale "Hang On To Yourself." #45^ is Cory Marks "Outlaws and Outsiders f/Ivan Moody, Mick Mars and Travis Tritt," up 45 spins. New adds at press time, WKRL, and WRZK. Look for this record to debut on the chart next week.


That's it for this week - see you in Las Vegas. If you haven't signed up yet, make sure to sign up for Dodgeball. (Or as they call it on The Simpsons, "Bombardment.")

For a full schedule of what's going on at this year's #HAPPENS, you can check it out here.


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