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An In-Depth Weekly Breakdown of the Mediabase Active Rock Chart

March 17, 2020

I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves and their families. I want to take a minute to stress how important it is to take care of yourself first so that you can help others. If you've ever been on an airplane, then you've heard the saying, "Please put on your oxygen mask before attempting to assist others." On the other hand, If you only have "numero uno" to take care of, then I suggest you take self-hibernation tips from my tortoises as I have. That concludes my Public Service Announcement. And now, onto the music!


Congratulations to everyone at Concord for a job well done on I Prevail "Hurricane," which surges to #1^, up 108 spins! Another notable move is Green Day "Oh Yeah!" moving from #5 to #4^, up 88 spins.  


#5 is The Hu "Yuve Yuve Yu f/From Ashes To New." Moving a notch to #6^ is Breaking Benjamin "Far Away f/Scooter Ward," up 129 spins. New airplay at KILO. #7 is Fire From The Gods "Right Now." #8^ is Dirty Honey "Rolling 7s," up 54 spins. Creeping up a notch to #9^ is Disturbed "Hold On To The Memories," up 56 spins. New airplay at KISW.  


The most consumed record on the chart, Falling In Reverse "Popular Monster," makes a bold move up to #10^ this week. Epitaph's Brett Greenberg has done one heck of a job reaching the Top 10 with only nine weeks on the chart. Jumping from #15 to #11^ is Grey Daze "Sickness," up 142 spins. New airplay at WEBN, KEGL, and KIOZ. Moving two slots to #12^ is Pearl Jam "Superblood Wolfmoon," up 28 spins. New airplay at WQXA, KMOD, WXZZ, and WRIF. Scooting from #16 to #14^ is The Blue Stones "Shakin Off The Rust," up 46 spins. New airplay at WRKZ and WXZZ.  


Moving from #17 to #15^ is Rival Sons "Shooting Star," up 62 spins. New airplay at WRCQ and WJRR. Moving from #18 to #16^ is Tool "Pneuma," up 26 spins. Moving from #19 to #17^ is Godsmack "Unforgettable," up 32 spins. New airplay at KBPI. Moving from #20 to #18^ is Korn "Can You Hear Me," up 58 spins. New airplay at WFTK, WJRR, KUPD, and KATT. Moving from #21 to #19^ is The Glorious Sons "Closer To The Sky," up 64 spins—new airplay at WYBB.  


Moving from #22 to #20^ is Ozzy Osbourne "Ordinary Man f/Elton John," up 74 spins. New airplay at WBSX, WKQZ, and WHQG. Moving from #23 to #21 is Royal Bliss "Paranoid." Jumping from #28 to #22^ is In This Moment "The In-Between," up 62 spins. Spin leaders include Octane, KKBA, KBPI, KILO, KHTQ, and Music Choice. Jumping from #27 to #23^ is Alter Bridge "Godspeed," up 52 spins. New airplay at KKBA. New add at press time, KBRE. This is an artist that your audience knows. Myles Kennedy's voice is instantly familiar. Make sure this is in your music meeting this week. Moving from #26 to #24^ is Motionless In White "Another Life," up 16 spins—new airplay at KFMA.


#25^ is Black Keys "Shine A Little Light." New airplay at WQXA. New add at press time, KBRE. Moving from #29 to #26^ is Cory Marks "Outlaws & Outsiders f/Ivan Moody, Mick Mars and Travis Tritt." The record is up 71 spins. New airplay at WBSX, KNCN, and WDHA. New add at press time, WBSX. Moving from #30 to #27^ is Highly Suspect "These Days," up 40 spins. New airplay at KQXR, KXXR, WGRD, and WWBN. New adds at press time, KFMW, and KIBZ. Moving from #33 to #29^ is A Day To Remember "Resentment," up 57 spins—new airplay at WQXA and WFXH.  


Debuting at #30^ is Bad Wolves "Sober," up 152 spins. Moving a notch to #31^ is Kaleo "Break My Baby." Debuting at #32^ is Asking Alexandria "Antisocialist," up 155 spins. New adds at press time, WFXH, WKRL, and WRZK. The record is WNOR's Hummer Track of the Week. #33 is Used "Paradise Lost, A Poem By John Milton." New add at press time, WMMR. #34^ is Ozzy Osbourne "Straight To Hell."  


#35^ is Veio "Flare Of Defiance," up 23 spins. Moving from #38 to #36^ is Killswitch Engage "I Can't Be The Only One," up 49 spins. New airplay at KILO, KDJE, and WJXQ. New add at press time, KFMW. Scooting from #39 to #37^ is Dinosaur Pile-Up "Round The Bend," up 29 spins. New airplay at WJXQ, WFXH, and WIYY. Debuting at #38^ is Through Fire "Listen To Your Heart," up 29 spins. New airplay at WFXH, WRAT, and KLAQ. Debuting at #39^ is Bush "Flowers On A Grave," up 27 spins. Debuting at #40^ is Palaye Royale "Hang On To Yourself."


Waiting In The Wings: At #41^ is Skillet "Save Me." New airplay at KILO and KQXR. Moving from #46 to #42^ is British Lion "Lightning."  


Now, it's time to go wash my hands...


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Bush “Flowers On A Grave”

Dark Station “Heroes”

DED “A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby)”

Paralandra "Love Will Win"

Sons Of Apollo "Asphyxiation"




Miss Velvet “Feed The Wolf”

Saint Asonia “Blind”

The Outfit “Come Alive”



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